Y O U R   B E N E F I T S


We are a medium sized, flexible company, objective, competent, flexible, and in the middle of Switzerland.


The cooperation with the Direct Marketing professionals of M+C Mail brings you many benefits. M+C Mail Direct Marketing combines performance and production diversity with the benefits of a successful medium-sized company. One of the special benefits include, inter alia

  • our flexibility and competence
  • the comprehensive product and service offering
  • the performance and the weekly flow  

This can only be achieved with a highly motivated team, modern machinery and optimal organization. This all leads to

  • ensure timely implementation
  • creative solutions  

and all from a single source. For that we work together with selected and tested partners. See for yourself in your donor benefit, at M+C Mail direct marketing.


You are with us in the best hands, call us now:

Phone: +41 (0)41 931 07 31, E-Mail: info@mc-mail.ch